Applied research that is accessible, simple, and efficient.
We make research and development successful and accessible through funding, faculty expertise, facilities, and student work opportunities.

Overview for Businesses

The business world has always been dynamic, and you need to move with it. The team at Cambrian Innovates recognizes this. As an industry developer, you have challenging needs. Our professors and students are the solution. Let us help you develop the new technologies and philosophies you need to succeed. When you work with Cambrian Innovates, you work with leaders.


What is applied research?

Applied research starts with an idea to improve or create a product or process, and refines that idea until it’s ready for use within a business, organization, or commercialization in the marketplace. Essentially, applied research identifies needs and tests solutions, with the aim of making change in the near future.

Government funding is available for colleges and businesses to partner to enhance innovation across Canada. Current and past partners recognize that Cambrian Innovates provides solutions, improving services, processes and products. As the dedicated applied research department at Cambrian College, Cambrian Innovates has access to the college’s shops, labs, and other facilities, as well as in-house expertise to provide multi-disciplinary solutions.

The Impact of Applied Research


Our projects encompass a wide variety of activities including products, processes and services, proof of concept, prototype development, product testing and analysis or industrial, field, and clinical trials. Small- and medium-sized enterprises, public sector organizations, and business start-ups may all benefit from a partnership with Cambrian Innovates. Here are some examples:

Voucher for e-Business
Pairing Graphic Design students with local small businesses to optimize their online presence.
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Derailment Detection System Enhances Safety and Reliability
Minimizes trail derailments by building a lighter train car that’s easier to stop, but still maintains the strength and integrity of a traditional rail car.
Learn more
Investigation into the Physical Properties of Lime Slurry
Improves the usability a versatile product (lime slurry) that is normally delivered to clients in a potentially challenging form.
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Cambrian Innovates has access to all of the facilities and more than 80 programs at Cambrian College. Anything is possible with us! We can combine programs and individuals to create multi-disciplinary solutions. We have demonstrated expertise in fields such as:

  • Mining
  • Health care
  • Instrumentation
  • Environmental Science
  • Welding / Fabrication
  • Business services
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering

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Top 5 reasons to use Cambrian Innovates

    As an industry partner:

  1. Intellectual property remains solely with you.
  2. It’s a low-risk way to improve your research and development capacity
  3. It frees up your time and money
  4. It provides access to research funding
  5. You can “test drive” potential future employees
    As a faculty member:

  1. You’ll remain current in your area of expertise with new tactical knowledge and skills
  2. You can integrate research in the curriculum for up-to-date course content and instruction
  3. You’ll have a push for institutional support and structure
  4. You can observe current trends in your field
  5. You can contribute to student success by helping them build valuable skills and enhancing their job-readiness
    As a student:

  1. You’ll acquire advanced technical and problem-solving skills
  2. You’ll gain a competitive advantage
  3. You can apply course content to real-life situations and problems
  4. You’ll become more engaged and motivated within your field
  5. You’ll gain paid work experience through part-time / summer employment and internships.

We collaborate so everyone wins! Start your project by contacting us today!


Established in 2009, Cambrian Innovates is Cambrian College’s research development arm. Our mission is to create an environment of partnership, development and learning that will benefit our industry partners, students, faculty and our community.

These partnerships are beneficial for everyone. The students receive paid working experience to put on their resumes. Faculty keeps their industry-specific skills and knowledge current. Industry connects with bright upcoming workers and solves problems with fewer wasted resources. Everyone wins!

The future for Cambrian Innovates is brighter than ever. Ranked among Canada’s top 50 applied research colleges in 2014, we continue to act as a catalyst for innovation in order to enhance our community.

Mis sur pied en 2009, Cambrian Innovates est un centre de recherche affilié au Cambrian College à Sudbury. Nous travaillons avec des partenaires de l’industrie à résoudre des problèmes concrets du monde d’aujourd’hui. Nous réalisons une grande variété de projets avec nos partenaires de recherche. Cambrian Innovates compte plus de 350 professeurs et un grand nombre d’étudiants inscrits à plus de 80 programmes. Diverses installations sont disponibles pour nos partenariats.

Nous offrons à nos partenaires des améliorations en matière de technologies, de processus, de produits et de services. Chaque partenaire de Cambrian Innovates dispose des outils pour trouver des solutions afin d’obtenir de l’aide financière, de procéder à des mises en œuvre, de développer des prototypes et de créer des produits. Grâce à nos services, le produit final est prêt à être utilisé.

Le cœur de notre établissement de recherche appliquée innovatrice est situé au Sustainable Energy Centre du Cambrian College. En 2013, le centre a obtenu la certification Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). L’édifice constitue le centre des opérations à Cambrian Innovates; il sert de laboratoire technologique et de lieu de développement pour les entrepreneurs, étudiants et professeurs. À titre « d’édifice vivant », le centre continue de s’adapter à son environnement au sens propre et au sens figuré.

FedNor, la Ville du Grand Sudbury et la Société de gestion du Fonds du patrimoine du Nord de l’Ontario comptent parmi nos principaux partenaires. Nous avons réalisé plus de 30 projets en collaboration avec nos grands partenaires, nos partenaires de l’industrie et nos réseaux. Nous sommes actifs dans bien des secteurs, par exemple le secteur minier, le secteur tertiaire, les soins de santé, les communications, la technologie numérique et le secteur du tourisme. Nos réseaux se développent toujours et nous continuons de réaliser divers projets de recherche appliquée.

Pour plus de renseignements ou pour des services en français, veuillez communiquer avec :

Nadine Olivier
Coordonnatrice du marketing
Cambrian Innovates
705-566-8101, poste 6831


IMG_3689-1Sherrill McCall
Director of Planning and Research

Sherrill is the Dean of the School of Corporate and Community Learning, and the Dean of Planning and Research. Since 2007, she has been responsible for applied research, institutional and ministry research, curriculum review, and program assessment. Sherrill obtained her Masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo. With a career in education that has spanned over 20 years, Sherrill is responsible for the planning, development, delivery, and review of applied research activities at Cambrian Innovates. She has been an instrumental force in building and transforming Cambrian’s reputation and capacity for applied research. Within just five years, her commitment has helped Cambrian College lead the way in the north for research and development.

IMG_3700-1Emile Malvaso
Chair, Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Enterprise

Emile is the Chair for the Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Enterprise at Cambrian College. His portfolio includes Cambrian Innovates, Corporate Training, Continuing Education and the Vale Mobile Trades Training Trailer. Emile has been directing applied research activities at Cambrian College since 2011. He is responsible for day-to-day operations in Glencore’s Centre for Innovation and draws on extensive experience in industrial solutions, project management, and business development to lead the Cambrian Innovates team.

Mike Commito
Applied Research Developer

Mike is responsible for acquiring and developing applied research projects with partners from diverse business sectors for Cambrian Innovates. Mike brings significant experience in project management from his time as the Research Coordinator at Northern Policy Institute; a Northern Ontario-based think tank. At Cambrian Innovates, Mike brings his expertise in natural resource extraction policy, from the forest industry to wildlife management, and has a proven track record in research, writing, and communication.


Dr. Josef Hamr

Program Coordinator, Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Josef obtained his M.Sc. in Zoology at the University of Guelph, Ontario, and his Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. He is currently the Program Coordinator/Professor of Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment graduate certificate program at Cambrian College. He is a prominent wildlife expert who interests include bears, and ungulates like deer and elk. Josef recently completed work with Cambrian Innovates that involved phyto-remediation of soil contaminated by mine tailings. Josef is a foremost expert in his field whose research has been published in scientific journals. He is also regularly called upon by government ministries and media outlets to share his expertise.

Andre Roberge

Program Coordinator, Machining

Andre is a certified general machinist who earned his diploma from George Brown College and now teaches in Cambrian College’s School of Skills Training. He participates in the majority of our industrial projects, drawing on his vast industry experience at Magna International, General Motors, and Ontario Power Generation. He is Cambrian Innovates’ “go-to” machinist and computer-aided design (CAD) specialist.

John Tye

Part-time Professor, Instrumentation Technology

A certified electrician, John brings significant experience gained from General Motors and the mining industry to the realm of applied research. His specialties include: instrumentation, electronics, robotics, programmable logic controllers, micro-electronics and fiber optics. His talents are relied upon in research projects requiring micro-electronics and electronic control.

John Moon

Part-time Professor/Research Consultant

John is a registered Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) with Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) degrees from the University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics. He is also a member of Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical and computer engineering honor society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). His areas of expertise include analog circuit design, electronic communications, antennas, thin-film optical coatings, scintillation detectors/photoelectric multipliers. John’s participation at Cambrian Innovates has focused on industrial electronic control, custom electronic design, and microelectronics.

Robbie Duncan

Program Coordinator/Professor, Welding and Fabrication

Robbie is a Red Seal certified welder and structural steel and plate worker with 20 years of industrial experience. He is consulted on nearly every heavy industrial applied research project that Cambrian Innovates engages in. His specialties include: welding, steel fabrication, drafting and blueprint development, and CAD.

Dr. Kameal Mina

Program Coordinator/Professor, Energy Systems Technology

Kameal earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 2003 and followed up with a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Western University in London, Ontario in 2006. Prior to that, Kameal graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering (1995) and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Cairo University in Egypt. His research interests include green buildings, sustainable and renewable energy solutions, and energy modeling for residential and commercial applications. Kameal is a foremost expert in his field who has patented his own water-flow turbine and whose research has been published in prestigious scientific journals.

Redhouane Bouhedda

Professor, Energy Systems Technology

Redhouane has a Master of Engineering in Control Systems from the University of Sheffield, U.K. and a Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical Engineering from University College of Swansea, U.K. His areas of expertise include: electrical and instrumentation equipment and automation systems, programmable logic controllers, photovoltaic (PV) panels and energy systems. His research participation has centered on sustainable energy projects involving PV panels.

Sean Grant

Professor, Graphic Design

Sean is an award-winning graphic and web designer who primarily works on applied research projects with a focus on web graphics and brand identity for new commercial products and companies. A registered graphic designer, Sean is a key component of the commercialization path for our industry-led applied research projects as projects move from mind to market.

Pam Koski

Professor, Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Pam earned her Master of Science in Chemistry from Laurentian University in 2007. She has a background in laboratory and environmental chemistry and is well versed in method development, operation of analytical instruments, chemical analysis and report writing. She also has extensive industry experience working as a professional chemist at the Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation. Pam is currently involved with Cambrian Innovates through an applied research project that focuses on the analysis of slaked lime slurry.


Located on the east side of Cambrian College’s Barrydowne campus in Sudbury and officially opened in 2012, the Glencore Centre for Innovation provides office space, meeting rooms, labs, and large garages for equipment, experiments and testing. On top of providing a hub for applied research projects at Cambrian, the building is connected to the campus offering full access to all of the College’s resources.

LEED Canada Gold

Cambrian Innovates is proud to report that as of February 2013, the Glencore Centre for Innovation has achieved LEED Gold certification. The certification is based on internationally-accepted benchmarks for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.



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